Car Insurance without prejudice

The better you drive, the cheaper your insurance.


We believe insurance should be based on your actual driving behaviour, not on vague judgements about your age, job, or home address.


We want to help you drive more safely. Less accidents are better for everyone.


We provide access to the latest AI computer vision to analyse your driving in real-time

How it works

Set up a phone on your dashboard so it can see the road, and while you drive our app will watch the road and analyse your driving in real-time.


Our app uses AI to understand the road in a similar way to how a self-driving car does.


We then work out your insurance cost based on your driving. The better you drive, the cheaper your insurance.


Based on your driving we give you targeted guidance on how you can drive more safely, which then further reduces your insurance.

Drive safer, pay less.
It's that simple!